In the early 1900's Sacandaga Park was a thriving summer cottage community along the Sacandaga River. It was readily accessible by FJ&G Railroad, with residents coming from as far as NewYork City. The community enjoyed Broadway level entertainment, a golf course, a baseball stadium on an island in the river, water recreational fun, a dance hall and hiking in the surrounding nature. The entire resort was meticulously landscaped.The Adirondack Inn, High Rock and the Pines Hotel were beautiful resort hotels. Ater the fire in 1898, the cottage community was rebuilt and then enjoyed electric service, municipal water & sewer. Cottage lots were leased and the cottages owned. In later years the railroad built a large Midway and diversified its transportation offerings. 

The creation of the Sacandaga Reservoir in 1930 flooded the Northville line of the FJ&G and started a period of decline for the Park. Much had changed. It was now the era of the automobile and foreign travel replaced leisurely family summers in the Park. The type and quality of the entertainment changed with Park demographics. But the Park survived separate from the FJ&G. It continues to evolve as a recreational cottage community.