Sacandaga Station - parcel

The Station Parcel
The Station parcel is the area immediately around the Station. It includes the land on which the station is situated, the Station Park and the tennis courts on the "other side of the tracks". The gravel road from the Station to McKinley Ave is the Adirondack Terrace, the historical railroad right of way. Continuing south another 300 ft along the Terrace will get you to the Sacandaga golf course club house. Another road, to the east of the station, leads to Rt152. It is the entry road to the historical Midway and now is part of Park Marine Base. Many of the giant white pines that once stood there in the picnic grove, have been cut down and were replaced by a pole barn used for boat storage - an unfortunate change of scenery. The old dance hall, slightly farther north-east from the pole barn, has seen better days but may still be salvageable. The road to the east of the the Station Park is called Park Avenue; it is part of the Circle Road. Although it is owned by the Station project developer it should be adopted by the Town of Northampton - together with several other FJ&G leftover roads such as Roosevelt Terrace. To the west of the Station Park is an empty lot that once was occupied by the famous Adirondack Inn. The annex to the Inn is still there; it is now used as an apartment. The tennis courts are of relatively recent vintage (1970's). They were part of a plan to create a tennis club and resort around the Adirondack Inn. It is now used by the Sacandaga Tennis Club.

Future Plans
The Station parcel has been subdivided into five cottage lots. Three of these lots face the Circle (Park Avenue); the other two continue the existing row of cottages along McKinley Avenue. Ample space was added on the south side of the Station to protect its setting, including the most beautiful mature trees. A split-rail fence now separates the Station setting from the new residential lots. A pedestrian trail leads along the fence from the Circle to the Station and the Terrace. Space is set aside for a small playground.  A garden and sitting area will be created on the east side of the Station once the issue of access to the RT152 tunnel is resolved.

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