Sacandaga Station - concept plan          

The property consists of 10 acres. These acres once were part of the core of the former FJ&G resort lands in Sacandaga Park. The property is bordered by Rte30, Rte152, McKinley Ave and several neighboring parcels (see map of property). The former railroad track (Adirondack Terrace) runs north-south through the property. The Terrace provides car access to the Station from McKinley Ave; north of the Station it continues as pedestrian space that leads to the lakefront. The property consists of five areas: the Station with the tennis courts; a wooded area west of the tennis courts that is zoned commercial; and three residential areas: "the Station Park", south of the Station; the area Northwest of the Station called "the Village"; and "the Lake Front" lots. A total of fifteen cottage-style residences will be built in these three residential areas. There is space set aside for barns, walking trails and recreational space. The rest of the property will remain protected pedestrian common space owned by the Homeowners Association. The Association is made up by the lot owners and the Station owner. Aside from two entry roads - one to the lakefront lots and one to the Village lots - the Rt30 corridor will remain screened off. The Association boat docks are on the lakefront. Access to the lakefront is off theTerrace or from RT152. The lakefront riparian rights are deeded rights, descended from the FJ&G railroad. All lot owners also have deeded rights to the use of the Sacandaga Park beach.


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The only structure left on the property that dates from the FJ&G period is the Station itself. The center space inside the restored Station is available for use by Association members as overflow accommodation and for special events. The Station is an ideal "gathering spot" for the Association and perhaps, at some future time, the larger Sacandaga Park cottage community. As a National Register listed structure, some public use also takes place. The Station is part of an annual historic tour of Sacandaga Park. There is also a 1-bedroom caretaker apartment on the south side. The second floor above the center space will eventually be used as an exhibit area or small movie theatre. The former luggage storage room on the north side is an instructional space for a small community sailing program. This program shares a few boat slips at the Association dock.

fall 2004

fall 2007

facing south - fall 2004

facing north - fall 2008

The Station Park opens up on the east towards the historic "Cottage Circle". There are five building lots in this area - three of these face the Circle and two face McKinley Ave. Architectural style is (by deed restriction) compatible with the Circle cottages . The site plan continues the housing pattern along McKinley. A walking trail over the Station lot connects the Terrace with the Circle. The Village consists of seven building lots grouped around a commons with giant white pines. The site plan provides for at least a partial view of the lake from all seven Village building lots. The Lakefront is separated from the Village by a scenic swale. It consists of three large building lots with lake view. This area is on a hill, heavily wooded and includes a number of beautiful old-growth trees. Details of the planned residential project and a site plan can be found HERE.

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